Lodestar Innovation

Lodestar’s work fuses deep research with critical thinking about innovation, brand, and design strategy to create new value or enhance existing offers.

Lodestar’s focus is on understanding peoples’ everyday lives and parameters for change – in order to build differentiation by successfully transforming products, environments, and services.

The Principal of Lodestar is Stokes Jones. He is a recognized practitioner of the growing field that applies ethnography to strategic planning for innovation, and speaks and publishes in this area (especially in peer-reviewed forums like the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference). EPIC publishes the leading journal for this intersection of disciplines. (see White Papers).

Consistent with this focus, Lodestar takes a ‘mixed-methods’ approach to business problems and - in addition to using ethnographic insights - employs quantitative research and data analytics to achieve a comprehensive (micro & macro) view of any market category.